Working from home can be beneficial to most people. It entails lesser preparation time and also it eliminates the travel as well since there is no need to commute to work every day before starting work.


– There are different perspectives when it comes to how people accept working from home.
– It’s understandable that some would find working from home as enjoyable and beneficial.
– For parents though, especially mothers, it can be a completely different story.

Sure, motherhood is enjoyable. Sure, working in your dream job is exciting. However, when you mix these two things and work from home. In this case, your home becomes the workplace at the same time.

Meaning, there is a fusion of your house chores and work tasks daily. There is no more demarcation line that separates work from home time and the tendency is there might be a huge challenge when it comes to balancing your time.

One of the persons who find this hard the most are mothers. Since taking care of children at home is already a challenge in itself, it now has an added burden for them to bring their work home and do all their office tasks.

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Quarantine has also caused a lot of home helpers to stop reporting for work, leaving a lot of homes with no domestic aids and leaving all the chores of running the house purely to the parents, specifically to mothers.

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