Before the start of this recent pandemic, we can all remember that companies usually reserve the work-from-home slots for people who rank high and are considered VIPs.

– When people got to try working from home, the reactions were varied.
– There were some who thought it was difficult and they can’t embrace the changes.
– There were some who thought that it was so cool that they didn’t want to go back to the previous set-up.

Working from the office is very different from working at home. There are many responsibilities entailed when working from home.

This is usually reserved for personnel who are tenured and who have very important roles to play that they are so in demand in the company, they are allowed to stay home and get paid while working in bed and wearing their pajamas perhaps. This set-up is usually considered as a huge perk to most companies.

When the pandemic started, most workers got to taste what working from home feels like, and a majority of these workers prefer to maintain the same scheme for a long time, even permanently. The question is, are you qualified to demand a permanent with-from-home arrangement?

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