There are people who’ve always been dedicated to working from home, even before this whole pandemic started. Are they also affected by the new work-from-home policies being implemented recently?

– Before the community lockdown, there was about 5% of workers who worked remotely.
– The numbers increased drastically, of course, as most offices shifted to work from home.
– People who’ve been used to working home even before the lockdown share their side of the story.

The work-from-home employment rate probably will never go low again, as it rose to an all-time high recently. It all started when people were prohibited from getting out of their house, or as it was termed as “community quarantine”.

The main reason and purpose were to help stop or at least slow down, the spread of the virus. At first, people were hesitant to start working from home, but eventually, we all learned to adapt.

Adapting is one thing that regular home-based workers have been doing way before the crisis started, and for them, the competition for finding home-based work has never been stiffer. Resulting also to lower rates offer since more people were available and vying for the home-based job post.

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