There are many different ways to work from home. Earning a few dollars on the side by working from home is no problem thanks to the Internet. But also a full-time existence in a demanding profession can be built up this way.

In principle, it is possible for many self-employed people as well as employees to work from home.
Many interesting professions make it possible to work from home. The Internet plays a role in the activities described in the following article.

Earn money as a blogger

Even with your own blog you can work and earn money from home. The income comes from paid links.

These are recommendations linked on your site for products or services for which you receive money. For example, depending on the agreement, you earn money on every click or purchase. Large online shops and other companies offer programs for this.

Create digital products

If you create e-books, audio or video courses, you can sell them to as many customers as you like without additional effort. These digital products often generate passive income even after years.

This is not a classic homework, with which you will immediately earn regular income, but rather a self-employed activity with a high initial expenditure of time. Because the digital products must offer your customers a benefit and meet their quality requirements.

Product tester

Another possibility for working from home, which is suitable as a secondary income, is the testing of products. However, paid tests are generally rather rare. Most other portals, however, are concerned with evaluating purchased products, for which you receive vouchers or bonus points.

You must apply for individual tests. You provide feedback to the manufacturer after the test.


If a larger project can be broken down into small tasks, this is called crowdsourcing. This creates micro-jobs that you can complete online via portals such as These are small, simple tasks for which a fixed price is paid.

Typical tasks are internet research, categorizing photos or creating small texts. Usually the earnings are small in relation to the effort.

Virtual assistance

This is the provision of secretarial services for which no presence is required. Companies like to use this possibility during peak times or to bridge holiday periods.

Virtual assistants work from home as self-employed persons or are employed by a corresponding service company. In this profession it is also often possible for employees to work from home.

Customer Service

Customer care is often, but not always, based on an employment contract. This is because it involves communicating with a company’s customers by telephone, e-mail or chat. You can find corresponding jobs via job exchanges.

They answer questions, deal with customer concerns, and receive complaints. Customer care can also be provided by self-employed home workers as part of virtual assistance.

Internet research

Both companies and research institutions occasionally outsource research work. This often involves simple tasks such as the collection of company data or prices for market research.

Some research work also requires knowledge of the field in question, especially in the scientific field. These works are well suited for students.
You can find corresponding job offers and orders in the usual job exchanges.

Writing, correcting or proofreading texts

Whether for corporate publications, online shops, blogs or magazines, the demand for content is great. Much of it is written by freelance copywriters and reviewed by proofreaders and editors. A proofreader pays attention to spelling, grammar, and typographical errors.

An editor also checks the content, structure and logic of the texts. Linguistic and, in the case of specialisations, technical training is an advantage. But also career changers with the appropriate talent can get used to the job. Freelance work dominates in this area.

Data and address acquisition

In some companies it is occasionally or regularly necessary to collect data manually. These are, for example, addresses of mailings, lists or business cards, but also survey and investigation results. These tasks are often delegated to freelancers.

This work is not difficult, but requires a high level of concentration. You can find suitable job offers through job exchanges and classified ads. Check in each case whether you can work from home.

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