Working from home is now the new normal and more people are wondering how long this remains as the work set-up. Some are anxious to go back to work while some are excited.

– As community quarantine started, people were left with no choice but to stay home.
– For some employees, they were left with no choice but to do their work from home.
– There are different reactions regarding the new mode of working and people wonder how long things will remain like this.

Change is never an easy thing for anyone to go through. When people first found out that there will be lockdowns everywhere, the first thing that they worried about was their source of income, of course aside from their health. The abrupt shifting of work from office-base to home-base shook a lot of people.

However, as time went by, there was ultimately a good acceptance of the new normal and the new work scheme. This time, in a recent survey, people are now anxious about going back to work in office settings, as most have already adapted to working from home.

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Now, a majority of people wonder if working from home will be a long-term work mode since about 40% of these workers have realized that working from home is more beneficial and convenient on their part. Employees, on the other hand, are not that eager to maintain the said work plan.

Great Shift To Working From Home?

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